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About Valley Recycling

The facility is operated by Volume Recycling Associates Inc. (VRA) which together two waste and recycling haulers, Amherst Trucking and Duseau Trucking have teamed up to run Valley Recycling. Both haulers have been operating in the valley for 60-plus years. Family owned and operated small businesses that have been responsibly handling waste and recycling needs of thousands of businesses and residents in the Pioneer Valley for more than half of a century.

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Work for Valley Recycling

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Valley Recycling's Mission

Minimize landfill disposal of waste materials by providing a new level of waste processing to divert, recover, and recycle material from the waste stream.


Our commitment is to develop a path toward zero waste in the Pioneer Valley by extracting and diverting Mass DEP designated waste ban items and recyclable materials (such as wood, metal, plastics, paper, cardboard, gypsum, and asphalt shingles).

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