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This is when you should use the scale. Scale has a $10 minimum

With these items the scale is not necessary....

Step 1:

Drive onto scale. Come to a complete stop. Wait for green light before continuing on

Step 1:

Follow Lane 1 to large bins out back

Step 2:

Continue on to blue building in the back. Back in and dump trash, construction waste, etc.

Step 3:

Drive back over the scale. Again, come to a complete stop and wait for light to change

Step 2:

Deposit items into the correctly marked bins

Step 3:

Pay attendant in shack. Attendant accepts cash, credit card & local checks

Step 4:

Park & enter building to pay. Cash, Local check & credit card accepted. Please turn off engine.

For a list of common prices please check here. For any additional questions please contact us

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