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First time customers

There is no need to go over the scale if you have bagged trash, recycling, an appliance, a TV or an A/C unit.

If your load is over 280lbs of loose material, then you can go over the scale and pay by the weight.

Any load less than 280lbs should follow the arrows down to our residential area behind the green building and staff will price you out.


There is no need for a sticker or special bags and you do not have to be a Northampton resident. We are open to anyone during regular business hours.


We do not accept any hazardous or liquid waste in any load.

Any customer with a rental vehicle must come to the office prior to using the scale, we require a debit or credit card before you can dump your waste.

If you are going to the residential area you can go straight down there and they can price you out and you can pay with cash, credit or debit card right there,

Call us (413) 587-4279 if you have any questions.





*The scale has a $25.00 minimum

Step 1:

Drive onto scale. Come to a complete stop. Wait for green light before continuing on

Inbound Scale

Step 1:

Follow Lane 1 to large bins out back

Inbound Lane to Residential Area

Step 2:

Continue on to blue building in the back. Back in and dump trash, construction waste, etc.

Blue building to dump trash, constrction waste

Step 3:

Drive back over the scale. Again, come to a complete stop and wait for light to change

Outbound scale

Step 2:

Deposit items into the correctly marked bins

Trash, comingled and paper recycling

Step 3:

Pay attendant in shack. Attendants accept cash & credit cards

Attendants shack

Step 4:

Park (please turn off engine) & enter garage to pay at window. Cash & credit cards are accepted. 

Pay here for loads over the scale

For a list of common prices please check here. For any additional questions please contact us

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